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O-I Glass New Zealand is proud to be supporting Good George Brewery

Good George Brewing starts producing hand sanitiser

Hamilton-based Good George Brewing has begun producing high-strength hand sanitiser in response to shortages across New Zealand after being inspired by other brewers around the world. By converting production to produce a hand sanitiser, according to a World Health Organisation recipe, the brewery is now working at maximum capacity in order to keep up with demand.

So why suddenly make hand sanitiser?

Good George Brewing owner Jason Macklow believes that the world needs hand sanitiser more than it needs gin right now. After experiencing hand sanitiser shortages first-hand when he tried to buy some for his own team, Macklow decided that the still that was currently being used to brew whiskey was going to have to wait, and instead began the production of hand sanitiser.

Using recycled glass bottles to package the sanitiser

One of the challenges of developing a new product overnight is how to get it to market quickly. The most practical solution was to make a recycled version of Good George’s existing 946mL Squealer glass bottle. O-I Glass New Zealand is proud to be supporting Good George Brewery with a flint version of their 946mL ‘Made in New Zealand’ Squealer bottle. Good George knows its not going to solve New Zealand’s hand sanitiser shortages but its doing its bit to help. NZ Herald article

Why O-I loves recycled glass?

The glass manufacturing process produces very little waste. In fact, glass can be made in a closed-loop cycle, meaning the end-of-life material from glass can be used to remake the exact same product – over and over again. Additionally, using recycled glass in the manufacturing process requires fewer raw materials and less energy, both of which result in lower carbon emissions. By maximising the amount of recycled glass we use in our production process, we reduce our environmental impact.