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Lakeman Brewing

Innovation born of necessity is the backbone of many successful New Zealand businesses and Lake Taupō brewery Lakeman Brewing is a classic example of just that.

The power of Taupō’s most precious natural resource, its water, is at the heart of the Lakeman Brewing beer range.

Using Australia’s oldest family owned and run brewery, Coopers, as an example James Cooper (no relation) saw the opportunity to create a long lasting, complementary business alongside the family’s farming operation. Fortunately for him he had the pristine water supply that feeds New Zealand’s largest and most iconic freshwater lake right on his doorstep.

Lakeman Brewing has a sense of place and a real ‘take no prisoners’ personality, which fits the independent spirit of its central North Island location.

With grain fed out to cattle after every brew and water from the brewing process being used to irrigate and drought-proof the farm there’s a beautiful circularity and integration between farm and brewery.

With infinitely recyclable glass packaging added into the equation Lakeman Brewing is definitely walking the talk.

“We’re trying to farm for the future and brew for the future,” says James. “Knowing the glass bottles are a New Zealand product is a big tick for me. We make the glass right here in New Zealand and we recycle it right here in New Zealand.”

Check out this video about the Lakeman Brewing story.

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