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Recycling glass is a team effort, a team which only gets better with size.

From the consumers who buy and recycle the glass bottles and jars, to the fillers, distributors, importers, recycling contractors and us the manufacturer, everyone has an important role to play. Pulling this all together to work as efficiently and effectively as possible is the Glass Packaging Forum (GPF) – the country’s leading industry member organisation for container glass.

The GPF’s Government-accredited, voluntary product stewardship scheme funds projects which improve glass recycling infrastructure, equipment, transport, and awareness. It also engages with government, businesses, contractors, and consumers.

With government actively looking at regulatory solutions for packaging which will directly affect compliance costs and requirements, the GPF is playing a pivotal role between its industry members and legislators. O-I New Zealand is proud to be one of the founding GPF members. Many of our customers are members too. Through our membership we are taking responsibility for the glass we make and sell in New Zealand.

And it’s working. The GPF’s most recent report shows a 73% recovery rate – an enviable statistic for any recyclable material. It’s a good result, but there is always room to improve and the GPF has set a goal of over 80% recovery by 2024. We encourage you to be part of the solution and the national glass recycling conversation, and show the industry and your customers you are supporting sustainable outcomes for your packaging.

To find out about joining the GPF visit their website.

See the results from the latest GPF Accreditation Report.

Check out the GPF’s latest video below:

Be part of the glass recycling solution

When it comes to recycling glass bottles and jars New Zealand is smashing it. We have a recovery rate of 73%, but the GPF is aiming to make that more than 80% by 2024 – will you be part of the solution?

Posted by Glass Packaging Forum on Sunday, 7 June 2020

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