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Two Boys Brew choose Glass. Why?

Melbourne-based Two Boys Brew are taking kombucha to new heights – offering a premium, botanicals-infused contribution to the non-alcoholic drinks menu.

Glass is integral to Two Boys Brew’s quest to supply a point of difference in the taste, look and feel of their award-winning product.

“As a premium kombucha brand, glass was always going to be non-negotiable for us,” says James Huddle co-founder of Two Boys Brew. “We were primarily concerned about leaching that can happen when using plastic and aluminium and the potential hidden toxicity and impact this would have on taste.” 

To set their brand apart in a crowded market, they have chosen O-I’s Eurogem twist top, which is new to the Australian market, for their kombucha. “We like its unique and nostalgic feel. It’s an iconic craft beer shape and offered a perfect point of difference to our kombucha bottles.”

James says that the ability of amber glass to hold temperature for longer and the high rates of glass recycling were also important considerations. All Two Boys packaging elements, including their labels and caps, are 100 percent recyclable.

James adds that partnering with O-I Glass, an Australian glass manufacturer, provides many added benefits. “We receive dedicated account management from the O-I team, which in our game is so valuable. Problems and issues often crop up in beverage manufacturing, so when they do arise, we can deal with them quickly and promptly. The fact that we aren’t exposed to international shipping disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 has also been a significant advantage. “The major benefit though is environmental. The high level of recycling O-I Glass achieves means we are living up to our company’s environmental sustainability values.”

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