A new bottle concept created in partnership with students at Melbourne’s Monash University: introducing the Millie glass bottle, which is 100% infinitely recyclable.

A desire to consume healthily

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition. Many know about Government intake advice, and actively seek out healthy options.

However, consumers being time poor and there also being a shortage of convenient, reasonably-priced products, means they do not always find it easy to meet recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables.


Meeting daily recommendations

The Australian, "eat for health guild" recommends 2 serves of medium fruit per day, which can be an apple, orange, banana or pear. 2 serves is equivalent to 250ml of Fruit Juice with no added sugar.

Millie encourages consumers to purchase and drink more juice and helpfully delivers their recommended daily fruit intake.




A name with a double-meaning:

Millie is short for millilitre, which are the measuring units for liquids; Millie is also a shortened name, which gives the diminuitive bottle character.

Having a name with both these qualities enables us to educate about the measuring aspect of the bottle.



  • 250ml capacity
  • Lightweight 175g
  • 158mm height
  • 38mm lug closure
  • Embossed with a two-serve measuring line
  • Flask styling indicates the scientific thinking behind the bottle

Created in partnership with:

Monash UNiversity and Australian Beverages