Our Capabilities

Inventive design and manufacturing capabilities make us the leading glass manufacturer

O-I Glass – Artfully Designed, Expertly Made

O-I’s iconic glass containers are grounded in technical expertise and elevated by craftsmanship. Our inventive design and manufacturing capabilities set us apart as the world’s leader in glass packaging.

O-I collaborating with customers to create opportunities

O-I’s marketing and sales teams build a deep knowledge of our customers, their channels and consumer interests. With this knowledge, our experts create distinctive glass containers to showcase customers’ brands and attract consumers.

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O-I local supply solutions
  • Just in time supply solutions
  • Faster response times
  • Local dedicated proactive customer management
  • Quality assurance and technical support
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams
  • Long term security of supply
  • O-I commitment to glass industry over 90 years in business
  • Local Currency with less exposure to the volatile FOREX market

Industry Bottles

Industry bottles are available ex stock in full pallet loads from O-I’s warehouses. Please refer to our catalogues to view the ranges. With no capital outlay for moulds, Industry Bottles are a great way to get into the market. Industry Bottles have been carefully selected to anticipate your market requirements.

O-I Industry Bottle Solutions
  • In-stock
  • Packing Spec provided
  • Pricing ex works and Delivery at premises (DAP)
  • Proven industry users
  • No mould cost

O-I can provide recommendations on
  • Filling partners
  • Labelling partners
  • Capping partners 

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What you need to consider
  • Volume
  • Colour
  • Finish
  • Fill Location
  • Timing

Proprietary Bottles

Proprietary bottles are bespoke bottles where our customers own the bottle design.

O-I Proprietary Bottle Solutions
  • Minimum production applies
  • Packing Spec provided
  • Pricing ex works and Delivery at premises (DAP)
  • Mould costs are payable by customer
  • Supply contracts are available and negotiated in strict confidence with O-I 

Discover how Our product solutions can help your business

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Product Development Process

O-I designers will help you from the start. We help capture insights into your market, explore design elements, shape ideas and refine concepts. We consider all aspects and capture your brand essence.

Download our ‘inspired by design’ guide which will help you better understand what our O-I design and NPD team can do for you.

Get the Inspired by Design PDF

Our sales team will step you through the development process. Before you contact us have a think about your brief, having a well-developed brief will help us understand what it is you are trying to achieve. Have consideration to:

  • Volume
  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Label Panel
  • Finish
  • Fill Location
  • Timing
Typically the steps are as follows:

1. Concept Design

  • Customer Provides Brief
  • Concept to Customer

2. Container Design

  • Concept Approved by Customer
  • Warespec & Commercial Offer to Customer
  • Warespec & Pricing Approved by Customer

3. Mould Design

  • Mould Drawings Completed
  • Mould Gear Request Approved
  • Mould Gear order raised
  • Mould Gear Ex-Works

4. Production & Delivery

  • Mould Gear Arrival
  • Glass Production
  • Glass Delivered to Customer