O-I Australia Story

Sydney Plant (Penrith)

This 48 –acre site was purchased in 1969, by 5000 Australian shareholders and Consumer Glass Corp, with the first commercial glass produced on the 11th of May 1971. Plant production started with 2 furnaces and 5 product lines. A third furnace was commissioned in April 1975, giving the Penrith plant a total capacity of 320 tons of glass per day or approximately 600,000 containers. A major rebuild included the installation of extra production lines, bringing the total number of glass lines to 10.

The company was taken over by the Melbourne based company Smorgon Consolidated Industries in 1982. Over the next 9 years the plant ran with 10 production lines from 3 furnaces with a daily output of 2.3 million units.

On the 23rd of July 1991 the company was taken over by ACI (which later was acquired by O-I). Since that date extensive alterations and updates of machinery and equipment has taken place. 

Today the plant supplies all major users of glass containers in NSW and a number of major customers in both Victoria and Queensland. Two furnaces and six machine lines produce Beer, Food and spirit containers in a variety of colours including – Flint, Amber, Emerald Green, French Green and Antique Green. The plant is the largest glass container manufacturing plant in Australia. The output exceeds 3.7 million units per day, 23 million units per week, or 1.37 billion per year.

Melbourne Plant (Spotswood)

Manufacturing began in Victoria at the Melbourne Glass Bottle Works in 1872, a company that was established by two pharmacists – Alfred Felton, and Fredrick Sheppard Grimwade. The company moved soon afterwards to Spotswood and in 1916 amalgamated into Australian Glass Manufacturers (AGM), which became the foundation of glass bottle manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand.

In 1939 the company changed its name to Australian Consolidated Industries (ACI). In 1998 ACI Packaging was acquired by Owens-Illinois Inc (O-I).

Today the Spotswood site manufacture glass from two furnaces with 5 machine lines producing approximately 180,000 tonnes per year, approximately 900 million containers per year.

The plant provides glass bottles and jars to major customers within the alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories within Victoria and beyond.

Major Customers include: CUB/ABI, Asahi/Schweppes, Lion, Simplot, Bega

Brisbane Plant (South Brisbane)

The O-I Brisbane plant first opened for production of commercial glass containers in 1918.  The 12.5 hectare site is Located in South Brisbane city adjacent to the Brisbane river, and currently have 245 employees producing glass 24/7 over 365 days per year.

The site includes 2 gas fired furnaces and 5 machine lines producing over 2 million bottles per day and  135-150,000 tonnes of glass containers per year.

The Brisbane site supplies glass containers to major customers across Queensland, including some of the largest breweries and Non alcoholic beverage suppliers in Australia such as CUB, Lion, Castlemaine, Stone and Wood .

Adelaide Plant (Croydon)

The O-I Adelaide Manufacturing plant located in residential West Croydon. Manufacturing at this site started in 1914.

The plant is O-I’s main site for the production of wine bottles and is set up to service the wine Industry in South Australia. It is the major wine bottle producer and supplier to Barossa, McLaren Vale Vale, and the Hunter Valley.

Formerly running three furnaces the plant consolidated its manufacturing site in 2015 to one furnace, which produces glass on 3 machine lines. Currently producing 570 tonnes of glass containers per day, and over 170,000 tonnes annually