Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team

O-I’s leadership team is committed to achieving O-I’s priorities for strategic and profitable growth. The team is focused on driving operational excellence and strengthening O-I’s position as the world’s leader in glass packaging.

Paul Vine, General Manager - ANZ

Paul has held a number of senior leadership roles in the company’s manufacturing and human resource functions, as well as leading the O-I New Zealand business.

As leader of the Australian and New Zealand regional business, Paul shares his thoughts on why O-I is the partner of choice for many of New Zealand’s leading brands.

“At O-I, we are committed to creating healthy, safe, trustworthy, brand-building glass packaging in a way that makes employees, customers and business partners proud. Our commitments to safety, quality and sustainability are underscored by strong ethics and an expectation that each employee be treated with respect"

Paul believes in the power of partnerships.

“We partner with customers to help them build brands and inspire consumer loyalty through our creative services, manufacturing and marketing expertise. We also team up with customers on sustainability initiatives to help reduce our collective impact on the environment. To increase the availability of high-quality cullet, we partner with cullet suppliers. I am proud to lead New Zealand’s only manufacturer producing the most sustainable package on earth – the glass container"

Michael Blanch, Operations Director, APAC

Michael joined O-I in 1994 and has held many leadership roles in O-I through manufacturing, process improvement, pricing, supply chain and strategy before joining the company’s ANZ leadership team. He has worked throughout ANZ, Southeast Asia and China. He is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA in technology management and is a graduate of the O-I Global leadership program as well as a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

He has deep experience in every aspect of glass production and manufacturing operations as well as the wider business.  He is passionate about manufacturing in a sustainable way, and making glass is a perfect fit for his efforts.

“Managing operations in our business for our region is a great privilege. We produce a great product and we are proficient in making it. There is no doubt that glass is the best packaging for our customers’ products to be presented the best they can be for consumers and the environment, and we also take sustainability very seriously in every aspect of our operations. I get great delight from telling people that we operate the factories where the glass they recycle gets turned back into new products.”

Gary Combes, Supply Chain Director, APAC

Gary joined O-I in 2002 and has held various leadership roles in O-I before joining the company’s ANZ leadership team. Gary is especially focused on Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain.

He has deep experience in glass recycling and leading procurement teams in the glass, ceramics and concrete industry.  He is passionate about glass and the sustainable benefits it brings to consumers and the planet.

“Glass is the most sustainable packaging option available and is the first choice for people who care about their health and the environment.  I’m very proud of our success doubling the amount of post-consumer recycled content in our glass packaging in recent years.”

Francois Cleret, Sales Director - ANZ

Francois joined O-I as Sales Director ANZ in July 2017 following a number of senior Sales and Operations positions with ABI/SAB Miller spanning across Australia and Asia Pacific.

Having spent over 15 years of his career in the fast-moving consumer goods space, Francois brings to O-I a strong customer focus. It’s the perfect fit for O-I, as the company continues its transformational journey to put customers at the centre of everything we do.

“O-I has a clear strategy to be the preferred supplier for glass packaging in the food and beverage industry. As such we need to get closer to our customers, understand their needs and objectives and work collaboratively to deliver against these. My team and I are passionate about customer centricity and driving change to service our customer better!”

Con Mellos, Finance Director - ANZ

Con has been part of the O-I family for over 20 years, holding Regional Treasurer & Shared Services Director roles within the Asia Pacific and European regions, Finance Director roles within various country business units in Asia Pacific, and most recently Director Strategic Programs in Asia Pacific.

When discussing the subject of why glass matters, Con says he can talk for hours.

“I don’t trust my food and beverage in any other pack type. Glass is pure and its versatility opens exciting innovative packaging solutions across all food and beverage segments,” he said.

“It is sustainable and infinitely recyclable, and reduces the landfill burden on our planet because of this fact, Glass significantly abates our energy emissions and carbon footprint. We owe it to future generations to eat and drink from glass.”