Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team

O-I’s leadership team is committed to achieving O-I’s priorities for strategic and profitable growth. The team is focused on driving operational excellence and strengthening O-I’s position as the world’s leader in glass packaging.

Paul Vine, General Manager - ANZ

Paul joined O-I New Zealand as general manager in August 2015, following a number of senior leadership roles in O-I’s manufacturing and human resource functions. He is a graduate of the first cohort of O-I’s Global Leadership Program.

As leader of the business, Paul shares his thoughts on why O-I is the partner of choice for many of New Zealand’s leading brands.

“At O-I, we are committed to creating healthy, safe, trustworthy, brand-building glass packaging in a way that makes employees, customers and business partners proud.  Our commitments to safety, quality and sustainability are underscored by strong ethics and an expectation that each employee be treated with respect. We believe there is power in partnerships. We partner with customers to help them build brands and inspire consumer loyalty through our creative services, manufacturing and marketing expertise. We also team up with customers on sustainability initiatives to help reduce our collective impact on the environment. To increase the availability of high-quality cullet, we partner with cullet suppliers. I am proud to lead New Zealand’s only manufacturer producing the most sustainable package on earth – the glass container"

Craig Mynott, Regional Cullet Director

Craig has a deep understanding of O-I that’s been forged through a career that spans more than 20 years with the company.

Beginning as a Management Accountant at the Spotswood plant, Craig moved to O-I Adelaide as a Business Services Manager before taking on a number of regional roles in Procurement. As a Master Blackbelt, he held various project roles before leading the design and build of Brisbane Cullet, O-I’s first owned and operated cullet beneficiation plant.

Craig has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), is a CPA, and is passionate about sustainability.

His skills and interests came together in his current role as Regional Cullet Director, where Craig is fully accountable and responsible for the overall APAC cullet (or glass recycling) strategy and total system costs outcomes.

“O-I is committed to using recycled glass,” Craig said. “Along with being the right thing to do for the environment and our future generations, cullet provides both O-I and our customers with a significant competitive advantage”.

“Recycled glass replaces virgin materials (sand, soda ash, limestone) and reduces both energy consumption and carbon emissions. Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable and we are continually looking at new ways to increase our use of quality cullet”.

Darren Rogers, Regional Logistics Directer - Asia Pacific

Darren joined the AP regional and ANZ logistics leadership teams in April 2018.  As a senior supply chain professional with extensive experience in logistics management and supply chain leadership roles, he brings strong project management skills and the ability to conceive, design, plan and implement key initiatives in line with organizational strategy.

Darren’s key priority is the delivery of operational excellence to provide great and cost effective service to our customers with a zero tolerance for workplace injuries.

“Since joining O-I I have experienced a strong customer centric commitment from a great team.  There is a high focus on our people, their safety and individual development.  O-I continues to leverage our global experience and capability while delivering tailored local innovative solutions.  We have a fantastic reputation and focus for environmental sustainability and I am delighted to join the O-I team.”

John Park, Plant Manager - Adelaide

Hailing from Scotland, John Park has been in the glass packaging business for over 20 years. During this time, he has held various positions from engineering roles, Lean Six Sigma Project Leader, production management, forming, Quality Director for O-I ANZ and is now the Plant Manager at O-I Adelaide.

Johns discusses why glass matters:

“Glass is truly infinite, healthy , sustainable and safe for people and for  Mother Earth! Glass is such a unique product and I am proud and honoured to be a part of a wonderful packaging product which stands the test of time.”

Amy McKay, HR Director - ANZ

In the role of HR Director for ANZ, Amy’s focus is on ensuring we have a winning team! This is achieved by the collective efforts of our people to deliver the best results for the business and our customers.

Working collaboratively with the leadership team and each of the manufacturing sites, Amy champions several programs such as leadership development, succession planning and talent utilization.

“I am excited to be part of the transformation journey here at OI. We have a strong focus on enabling the future success of our customers, employees and shareholders. And as an HR practitioner, the exciting part is that this change is being led by our people.”

Fleur Andrews, Director Supply Chain - ANZ

Fleur joined O-I as Director Supply Chain ANZ in August 2018, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous role as General Manager S&OP ANZ at Kraft Heinz.

What excites Fleur is the transformational program O-I’s Supply Chain team is currently embarking on to deliver excellent service to customers, as well as embedding O-I’s IBP as a way of life within the ANZ business.

Fleur explains why glass matters:

“Glass brings an unparalleled experience to the consumer in terms of taste, quality, health, sustainability and innovation.”

Emmanuel Villalobos, Plant Manager - Sydney

With a career in the glass industry that began in Mexico in 2006, Emmanuel Villalobos has a deep knowledge of the glass forming process and a strong passion for glass.

Emmanuel commenced with O-I as a Forming Specialist in New Zealand in 2013, and held a number of leadership roles in the manufacturing team before becoming the Sydney Plant Manager in September 2017.

He is committed to employee safety, innovation and delivering efficiencies.

“There is nothing more noble, elegant and beautiful than glass. For every bottle produced in any of our plants you will see a passion for perfection, years of experience and the desire to exceeds our customer’s expectations. To be the prefer supplier in glass, it’s necessary to be innovative and creative. O-I is both”.

Paul O'Driscoll, Plant Manager - Melbourne

Paul O’Driscoll joined O-I in April 2016 in a regional Continuous Improvement role and was assigned to the role of Melbourne Plant Manager in January 2017.

Paul has a passion for Manufacturing and has spent his entire career working in the field.  Prior to joining O-I Paul worked for Dow Chemical for 26 years in a range of Operations Management and Project Management roles across a range of petrochemical technologies and diverse geographies, which included assignments in Australia, USA, China, Indonesia, Korea and Italy.  Paul has significant leadership experience in large, integrated, complex plant operations and successes in establishing and managing new ‘greenfield’ facilities.  

Paul has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

“It is great to have the opportunity to work for a company where the employees universally have such passion for their products, glass containers.”

Michael Woods, Plant Manager – Brisbane Cullet

Having spent close to 30 years at O-I, Michael has taken on roles such as Plant Manager in Brisbane as well as at O-I BJC Malaysia, and more recently has been appointed Plant Manager of O-I’s Brisbane Cullet plant.

Michael has a passion for manufacturing glass and supporting customers in their ambitions and success.

“I feel very privileged to work with such a passionate team that is focused on providing the very best products for our customers and the environment.“


Dean Sharland, Plant Manager - Brisbane

With more 30 years’ experience in the glass industry both in the UK and Australia, Dean has a passion for manufacturing and forming. He also has an intimate knowledge of O-I’s Australian manufacturing business, where he’s spent over a decade in operational leadership roles in the Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane plants.

Dean is currently Plant Manager at our Brisbane Plant, where he and the team are focusing on service excellence, efficiency and being he preferred supplier for customers.  

Michael Brown, Operations Director - ANZ

With 20 years of experience at O-I, Michael has a diverse range of skills and experiences including Strategy, Operations Director for SEA, Melbourne Plant Manager, Facility Engineering Manager as well as is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Being involved in making a fantastic packaging product from ingredients that are (literally) dug up out of the ground has always fascinated Michael. Working at O-I has allowed him to work with a huge variety of passionate and talented people in many part of the world.

“Glass matters to me for its enduring purity and sustainability.”

Francois Cleret, Sales Director - ANZ

Francois joined O-I as Sales Director ANZ in July 2017 following a number of senior Sales and Operations positions with ABI/SAB Miller spanning across Australia and Asia Pacific.

Having spent over 15 years of his career in the fast-moving consumer goods space, Francois brings to O-I a strong customer focus. It’s the perfect fit for O-I, as the company continues its transformational journey to put customers at the centre of everything we do.

“O-I has a clear strategy to be the preferred supplier for glass packaging in the food and beverage industry. As such we need to get closer to our customers, understand their needs and objectives and work collaboratively to deliver against these. My team and I are passionate about customer centricity and driving change to service our customer better!”

Sean Pidcock, Head of Quality - ANZ

Sean joined O-I as a graduate over 10 years ago following a site visit, where the the scale and complexity of the end to end glass manufacturing operation captured his attention. Sean has taken on many and varied roles during this time, from engineering, production, technical service and quality across multiple O-I sites.

Sean has a Bachelor of Engineering with a double major in Mechatronics from the University of Queensland, as well as an Executive MBA with distinction from RMIT.

“The best thing about O-I is our teamwork. We have a cohesive team passionate about crafting and delivering an excellent quality, environmentally friendly product that delights our customers.”

Con Mellos, Finance Director - ANZ

Con has been part of the O-I family for over 20 years, holding Regional Treasurer & Shared Services Director roles within the Asia Pacific and European regions, Finance Director roles within various country business units in Asia Pacific, and most recently Director Strategic Programs in Asia Pacific.

When discussing the subject of why glass matters, Con says he can talk for hours.

“I don’t trust my food and beverage in any other pack type. Glass is pure and its versatility opens exciting innovative packaging solutions across all food and beverage segments,” he said.

“It is sustainable and infinitely recyclable, and reduces the landfill burden on our planet because of this fact, Glass significantly abates our energy emissions and carbon footprint. We owe it to future generations to eat and drink from glass.”

Gary Combes, Regional Procurement Director, Asia Pacific

Gary joined O-I in 2002 and has held various roles in Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain.

“Great people and fantastic opportunities to make a difference”

“It’s the most sustainable packaging option available and is the first choice for people who care about their health and the environment.”