Providing you
With the opportunity
To serve Asia

O-I wishes to toast Australia’s talented craft beer makers - and as Australia’s largest glass bottle and jar manufacturer - help them serve Australia and Asia.

We’ve produced a special bottle - The Provider - to which you can add your own labels and beer, and take advantage of a growing market.

These specially designed bottles, created by Design students at Unitec are designed to reflect Aussie innovation and the Asian drinking culture of sharing. And at 328, 518 and 888ml, these numbers are thought to be particularly lucky in Asia too.
"It’s not only Australia that has a passion for craft beer. Asia has also developed a taste for these brews with more flavour and personality. And with 11 major countries in the region having a projected combined population of over 3 billion in 2017, it’s an unmissable opportunity for Aussie craft beer producers" said Bayard Sinnema, O-I New Zealand’s Business Sales Manager
Unitec design academic Dr Cris de Groot said the original brief also presented the challenge of this design being an 'industry' bottle – glass packaging that is brand agnostic - enabling any craft brewery to fill it with their product and apply their labels. As part of the students' research, some set up online forums, chatting with potential consumers in China and South Korea to help shape the design, de Groot said. The heel of the bottle has embossed text stating "Crafted in Australia", and the bottle's neck offers consumers the opportunity of enjoying their ale from a vessel with a unique volume of 888ml. Beer in Asia is sold mainly in larger vessels as drinking is a social occasion, where the host will pour the guests glasses using both hands and keep them filled. In Chinese the number 888 is considered "very lucky / triple fortune".

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Here's to the innovators... cheers!

We love glass. It starts life as sand, goes through fire and then magically becomes a natural, beautiful material that’s kind to the environment.

And we’re just as passionate about the innovative products that our glass contains, which is why we’re making a considerable investment to produce the Provider bottle and enable Aussie craft beer makers to showcase their wonderful talents in Asia.

How to get on board

We have moulds ready and need for you to make contact with us to discuss your requirements.  We are aim to produce H1 2020.

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