Glass is by far the world’s most natural and sustainable packaging

A commitment to sustainability

As makers of glass, the world’s most natural and sustainable packaging, O-I Global has incorporated sustainability into our business practices for more than a century. At O-I Global our view of sustainability encompasses our people, the planet and profit.

Glass is a packaging choice you can feel good about

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Our complete life cycle assessment

In 2017, O-I refreshed its LCA in compliance with ISO 14044 standards.  The LCA serves as the foundation for identifying additional sustainability improvements and covers environmental impacts of glass from cradle to gate plus end-of-life.

Embracing collaboration

O-I embraces the opportunity to collaborate with other companies and engage directly with policy makers and trade associations to influence sustainability in public policy.

We are proud to support and actively participate in scores of industry, packaging, recycling and public policy organisations around the world.

Recognising quality and commitment

O-I and our products are celebrated with various awards and recognition. We receive many awards in the areas of packaging design and sustainability.


Why glass is the most sustainable packaging on Earth?

Glass is made from natural, readily available raw materials and can be reused over and over.  It is also the only container product that can be endlessly recycled into new containers.

Recycling glass

O-I Global strives to be the industry leader in glass recycling. Statistics show the sustainability case for recycling glass is strong. For every 10% increase in recycled glass used in production, we achieve a 3% reduction in energy consumption and 5% reduction in carbon emissions.

Over the last few years O-I has become the largest consumer of recycled glass, or cullet, in Australia.

In the 2016-17 financial year O-I Australia used 259,000 tonnes of recycled glass in their manufacturing plants. This represented recycled glass content average of 39%, showing a increase from an average of 22% in 2007.

Sustainability case study

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